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What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You?

Have you ever wondered, when someone is scrolling through your social media profile, what it says about you? Sometimes I scroll through my social media and try to pretend that I am someone else. A prospective employer, a new friend, possible date and I ask myself: Who am I? What makes me interesting? Is my social media profile too political? Do I take too many selfies? What will potential employers think when they see my posts? It’s exhausting when you think about it, but in a society where everyone practically lives and shares their lives on social media, it’s important to know what your social media profile says about you. It can tell someone everything they need to know about you in less than five minutes.

According to MSN, here are nine things your social media profile can say about you based on what you post, comment, or share, and two ways to improve your social media profile:

  1. If your social media profile has a ton of “me and only me” selfies, you appear conceited and selfish.
  2. Your tone and how you respond or comment matters – are your comments kind and uplifting? Or are they rude and snippy?
  3. What you post, share, or respond to reveals your beliefs and values.
  4. Do you take the time to celebrate others? The point of social media is to be social. Do you interact with others only when they comment on or like one of your posts? Or do you share the liking?
  5. Say what you mean. The best way to portray yourself is to be yourself and be direct. This gives people a better impression of the real you.
  6. Political rants – need I say more? Obviously, it’s good to be political and share your views and beliefs, but if you are always arguing with others and trying to force your beliefs on them, it’s time to take a breather.
  7. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Do you make fun of others on social media or call people out on social media for offending you in real life? Are you a Gossip Girl?
  8. Portraying yourself and your life as ‘perfect’- you’ll immediately draw criticism and skepticism.
  9. Posting more of the negative instead of the positive. Do you always moan and whine about how bad your life is or how everyone has done you wrong? This leads people to assume you are not happy a person.
  10. THINK BEFORE YOU POST! Take a moment to think about why and what you are sharing or posting. Is it negative? Is is positive?
  11. Another way to improve your social media profile is by limiting your time on social media. Try to post once or twice a day, and don’t let it consume you.

I am more conscientious of what I post on my social media profiles now than I used to be. A lot of it has to do with being more mature and wiser with age. I ask myself “Does it matter? Why am I posting this? Is it negative?” Another reason I am more conscientious is I am looking for an actual career, and I don’t want employers to think I can’t conduct myself properly on social media. I’ve seen employers who will not hire candidates based on what they post or how they conduct themselves on social media.

Social media determines more about your future than what you realize. Someone who hasn’t met you might not want to based on your social media profile. The best thing to do is be yourself and be respectful. Don’t overshare and think about what you post or share before you do it. Your social media profile can say a lot about you. What does yours say?

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