How to Wear a Miniskirt in Winter

Putting away your favorite skirt for six months of cold can be almost painful. It fits in all the right places, it’s comfortable, and you feel great in it–and you think you can’t feel that way until the temperature hits sixty degrees again. But don’t hide away your summer storage just yet, because your miniskirts and short dresses can transition right through the snow and back again.

If you already own a plaid miniskirt, you know the versatility and classic feel that this piece can give your #OOTD. If you don’t, put it on your list of closet must-haves because it can be used almost as many ways as a white button down. Having a couple of plaid skirts in different colors is always great, but you can’t go wrong with a red-black-white or a blue-black-white combination. Both are timeless and seasonless. It’s easy to put with black flats in the summer, but in the winter it can be worn so many ways:

  • Pair with black insulated tights and comfortable heeled ankle boots to make your legs look super long. This is an especially good look if you’re petite
  • White tights are great with the both red and blue plaid, and give you a little more choice with the color and type of shoes. White tights have the potential to be unflattering, but keep the shoes at ankle length or lower and you’ll be fine.

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  • Knee high or over-the-knee socks are also a fantastic option for plaid skirts. For the days when it’s not quite icy but it’s certainly not balmy high socks are the best option. They also give a little more option with shoes: high boots that let just the cuff of the sock show are a great option.

But tights aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want to wear the skirt without the restriction of tights or socks, and that’s okay, even when the wind chill is below freezing. You’re going to have to wear a coat anyways, so why not make it part of the outfit? Long coats are great for short dresses and short skirts, and pair perfectly with high boots.

Long Coat Edit

Model: Micarah Tewers

Last but not least, you always have the option of leggings. Especially under bodycon dresses or super formfitting skirts, leggings are a great option to make it both classier and warmer. Throw a sweater on top and some Uggs on your feet and you’re ready to go!

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