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Ways to Survive an Overnight Flight

Tony Lam Hoang

The greatest thing about living in this modern era is technology makes our world accessible. From the Internet to literature, the advances we’ve made allow connections between cultures that were never possible. One of the best examples of this is the idea of travel and how we traverse the world. With travel, especially flights, we can explore areas of Earth that may not be reachable any other way. While there are many types of flights, the most dreaded are the overnight flights. We are all scared of them, but with a few precautionary tips, we can all tackle these exciting ways of travel.

Avoid A Connecting Flight

A lot of people tend to not sleep on flights, and some people even claim they can’t sleep on planes at all. With an overnight trip, not sleeping is doing the body an enormous disservice especially if going through time zones. While getting to sleep might be hard enough, staying asleep can be even worse if there is a connecting flight in store. Trying to get a nonstop flight that will allow the chance of a full nights sleep.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Nothing is worse than being stuck in an uncomfortable seat in jeans and a tight jacket. When traveling, especially overnight, go in loose sweats or breathable fabric. Also, make sure the shoes come off during the flight to reduce swelling of the feet.

Board Prepared

We all know airplanes don’t offer the friendliest of amenities. The spaces are small, the air is stuffy, and the noise is droning. If sleep is a priority, make sure to bring an eye mask, earplugs, and a travel pillow. Being as comfortable as possible is the ideal goal, and the more that gets blocked out, the better. Here is an article that breaks down some of the best travel pillows.

Take it Easy on Fluids

Try to limit how much fluid you take on overnights. The last thing we want is to be woken up by the urge to use the bathroom. It is much more important to drink water and fluids towards the end of flight. Dehydration makes the symptoms of jet lag much, much worse.

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