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Ways to Donate This Holiday Season

The season of giving is in full swing, but what are the best ways to donate? From monetary gifts to spending time at soup kitchens, there are multiple means of giving back to your community. Here are a few approaches to help you get started:

Donate To Local Food Banks 

Whether it’s a matter of you cleaning out your pantry or buying food at the store, food banks always need donations. Nobody deserves to starve during Christmastime, and food banks are easy to come by. Research your local food banks to find out what they could use.

Send A Card To An Active-duty Military Personnel

Programs like Holidays for Heroes and A Million Thanks are the perfect way to start. You can send holiday cheer to someone who can’t be home with their family this Christmas, and what feels better than that?

Collect Old Clothes for Goodwill

This is a nice, free option for those who are down on cash during the holidays. Rummage through your closet and donate articles of clothing that you don’t use or that you’ve outgrown. Encourage your family and friends to do the same, and you’ll have a sizable donation to bring to Goodwill! The weather is harsh right now, and everyone ought to have proper clothing to keep warm.

Volunteer At A Shelter

Donations don’t have to be monetary; donating time is just as important. Since many shelters are full this time of year, they’ll be in high need of volunteers. Check out local homeless shelters and soup kitchens and see when they could use an extra hand.

Buy A Wreath for Veterans’ Graves

A friend recently mentioned to me that Arlington Cemetery needs wreaths for veterans. Every year, Arlington Cemetery places wreaths on the graves of the veterans buried there. This year, they are under-supplied and need more donations. If this piques your interest, look at the Wreaths Across America website for more information.

Give to Toys for Tots

While every child deserves toys on Christmas, not every family can afford them. Toys for Tots accepts both monetary and toy donations for underprivileged children. Look online for ways to donate and/or for your local dropoff location.

Everyone deserves to feel fed, loved, and cherished throughout the year, but especially now. One way to appreciate what you have is to give to those who don’t. In this season of unity and giving, make someone else feel special. It’s a better reward than anything you can unwrap.

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