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Water & Metabolism: Importance of Drinking Water

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The supplements market is crammed full of pills and shakes mixes that claim to “boost metabolism.” The claim has become a bit of a buzzword concerning fitness terminology, but rarely are these claims substantiated. Instead of wasting time on questionable substances, go with the tried and true metabolism booster: Water. Here are a few reasons why drinking water is so valuable for boosting metabolism:

Water, Liver, & Kidneys

The liver is important in the metabolic process. It metabolizes fat to use as an important resource for energy instead of leaving it stored in the body. Kidneys also require water to perform their function, which is waste filtration. Without it, your kidneys have to shift some of the work onto the liver, which can hinder the efficiency of regular liver function. This leaves excess fat in the body instead of using it and can stop you from losing weight. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your kidneys can do their job on their own, and the liver continues to use up stored fats.

Water Promotes Fullness

Drinking enough water throughout the day can curb your appetite, as water promotes fullness. Some of those “empty stomach” feelings throughout the day might not be from hunger, but the lack of water instead. Choosing to drink an eight to twelve-ounce cup of water as opposed to having snack might fill you up, and help you cut back on your calories.

Water is a Medium

Within your body, water serves as a medium for important chemical reactions. As the human body is comprised of fifty to sixty percent water, it relies on water for many processes. These include the transport of nutrients, filtration of waste, and organ functions that can all have an impact on our metabolic rate. Without taking in the recommended two liters of water per day, you may limit yourself regarding metabolism.

Try taking in the recommended amount of water, and see the impact it can have on your weight loss goals.

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