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Why You Should Watch the Super Bowl for Football & Not the Commercials

The biggest sporting spectacle in America is upon us. Tomorrow the 51st edition of the Super Bowl will be played in Houston between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The Super Bowl, which is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL), garners around 115 millions viewers making it the largest broadcast event in America, sports or otherwise. Some of you may be hosting a Super Bowl party while others are deciding which shivoo to attend. Apart from passionate fans, many will attend for the various culinary creations available to indulge in at these gatherings or for the highly anticipated commercials that are televised during the Super Bowl intermissions (If you are hosting a Super Bowl party some of the recipes from this magazine might be of interest to you). While the food and the expertly produced commercials might whet your appetite, they are merely side dishes to the main course which is the Super Bowl. Let’s watch the Super Bowl for the intense contest that combines individuals with athleticism bordering on super humanism and the strategic masterpiece that this sport presents. Let’s watch it for the football.

The most physically gifted athletes play in the NFL. The strength and speed along with the acrobatic performances that these athletes showcase every week bear evidence to their superior physical attributes. As much as their feats entertain us, we should admire the amount of hard work that goes into sustaining such a high level of performance on a weekly basis. A typical NFL season spans over five months. That is a long period to maintain the intense level of play in such a physically gruesome sport. The well renowned quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady stated in a press conference that the preparation for a season begins in April (A season runs from September to February) when asked about what it takes to reach the final game of the season. This goes to show the dedication and commitment required to achieve a birth to the Super Bowl.

Football is as much a mental game as it is a physical tussle for superiority between two teams. Football is a sport that requires extensive devising and game planning. Studying every aspect of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and figuring out every possibility to take advantage of to get an edge. Designing tactics and implementing meticulous strategies to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponent in a game where every inch of real estate one team gains can propel it to victory. Football strategy is often paralleled to strategy by the military on the battle front. Some of the ploys applied by the NFL coaches would impress revered generals the caliber of the Duke of Wellington or General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

On Super Bowl Sunday when we gather in front of TV screens we should be privileged and appreciate what the best of NFL has to offer. Let’s watch the best-laid plans executed by the most athletic group of players to achieve the goal of winning a Super Bowl. I may enjoy the appetizers of funny commercials and phenomenal finger foods, but I will be there for the main course, the Super Bowl, and give me several servings of it. Let’s appreciate the effort and endurance of the players. Let’s watch the Super Bowl for the football.


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