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Why You Should Watch & Play Soccer

Markus Spiske

There are many aspects of growing up that are harder than most. One of these consists of not having a consistent group of friends that we can turn to. Making friends, especially when we’re younger, can be a tough and stressful thing to do. One easy way to introduce ourselves to a new group of people is to play a sport. Many people have their preferences with what sport to play. While this is fine, not all sports are the same. Some allow you to have interaction with other teammates and friends. The one sport that should be on top of everyone’s list is soccer. Soccer is a sport that can be played by anyone, at any age. Here are some concrete reasons why we should always play and watch soccer when we have the chance.


Like mentioned earlier, having a core group of friends is a godsend within the scope of growing up. Being part of a team means we have people to connect and grow with; both in and out of the classroom. Having a group to grow with teaches us about diversity, and also about teamwork. Teamwork is very hard to learn at an older age, so working with people from a young age helps.

Teaches Patience

This is a fast-paced sport; there’s no two ways about it. With that being said, there are times on the pitch where we don’t have the ball. We are waiting for action, and it gives us a second to breathe and opens our eyes. Not everything has to be so instantaneous; soccer shows us to take a step back and enjoy the moment.

Physical Health

Obviously, this stands for all sports, but soccer is a good mix of working out. There is the cardio aspect with running and jumping. There is a mental aspect with thinking about the game as a match of chess. It also teaches us how to get up from a hard fall or push. To be a successful soccer player, one must be strong in all aspects of life.

It’s Simple, Yet Enjoyable

The best thing about soccer is that it is easy to learn the rules. Once we know about the core values and notions, we can play it anywhere. As long as there is an agreement on how the game is to be played, soccer is universal and carries across languages. Plus, soccer is easy to watch, making it enjoyable for any age.

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