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Why Your View of Success Can Be Hurting You

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We all want it; the good jobs, the big bank account, even a nice place to live. From the moment we go to school to the moment we graduate college, we are told how hard we should work in school in order to go to college and get a good job. Our world views success as how well you do in life and what you have to prove for it. But could that view be hindering you personally?

Meeting the world’s expectations is stressful and it can turn into a stress that you don’t need. When I graduated from college, I began to get depressed that I couldn’t immediately find a job with my degree. I wanted the big paying job that would allow me to immediately get a home for the family I wanted to raise. I wanted to have a bank account that screamed “look at me! I’m doing well!”, but none of that was adding up. My view of success began to hurt me mentally.
Throughout my last two years of college and even now, I have been writing for blogs, radio stations, and online magazines; all which were unpaid positions. I didn’t understand how the world could require so much experience to get a paid job and yet I couldn’t find one job to support myself in my field. Then my husband sat me down and reminded me of a very important thing.

He told me that what I do in life shouldn’t be to please the world but, rather, to please God. I should be working hard for God and not for myself or for the benefit of others. In fact, I have a job that I’ve always wanted; even if I don’t make 60,000 a year or more. I am writing for God’s glory.

No matter what we do we should be doing everything to please our Heavenly Father. He is the one who we will stand in front of at the end. He is the one who will tell us “Well done my good and faithful servant”. If you don’t know where God wants you right now, pray about it. God will show you where exactly He wants you to be planted. And although you might not ever know why He wants you there in that moment, there is a reason, but you must work for God’s glory and not the world’s view of success.

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