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Being a Vegetarian in a New City

Being a vegetarian is easy when you have your go-to veggie-friendly stores and restaurants at home, but it can be difficult when you move away from home. Now that you’ve moved away from home you have no idea which grocery store has your beloved products and which restaurants don’t have absurdly overpriced vegetarian options. Of course, every city has a different selection of places to go. Here are some tips and guidelines on being a vegetarian in a new city!

Write Down The Name or Company Of Your Favorite Products

There are some products that you’re just not going to find when you’re in a new city, especially if they haven’t hopped on the trending healthy food bandwagon. Write down or take a picture of your favorite product and research the item online to see it’s availability. Sometimes you can find a local store that has the item you’re looking for by visiting the company website. If the product you love isn’t available in stores, you can always order it online and have it shipped to your house. How convenient!

Research Restaurants

Finding vegetarian restaurants is difficult already and now that you’re surrounded by a completely different environment it can become frustrating if availability is limited. Looking up restaurants on the internet is my go-to for finding amazing restaurants. Look up “top vegetarian restaurants 2016” or specify the type of food you’re looking for like “top vegetarian thai food” or “best acai bowls” in your area. By looking up top places on the internet in advance, you already know what’s on the menu and what options they have prior to even going there.

Bring Your Own Substitutions

You got to do what you got to do. If you’re favorite place to eat doesn’t have the vegetarian protein that you want, cook it at home and add it to your signature dish yourself. For example, I have done this with In-N-Out considering they don’t provide veggie burger patties. I cook a veggie burger at home, take it with me in a plastic container to In-N-Out, and put the burger inside my sandwich. You can even make special requests from certain restaurants if you call in advance to include your substitutions in your meal for an additional charge. The money is well worth it when you get exactly what you want.

Tell People You’re A Vegetarian

Sometimes when you tell people that you’re a vegetarian they’ll look for places to eat that have options for you. Now you don’t have to quietly look at the menu trying to make a decision between fries or a salad! Even in the workplace, if you tell your manager that you’re a vegetarian they’ll obtain a special option just for you when providing food for the company.

Being a vegetarian has it’s disadvantages, but with these tips you’ll be able to eat exactly the way you want in any location.

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