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The Value of Training Your Dog

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Dogs can be some of our closest companions. They are man’s best friend for a reason; dogs have been side by side with humanity for thousands of years. More often than not, dogs are treated like family. However, dog owners must be careful not to take this too far. Constant pampering can create a difficult pet, and make a menace out of your furry friend. Training is the answer to managing your canine, and getting the most out of your relationship.

Establishing Respect

All dogs are descendants of a common ancestor with wolves, which makes them pack animals. Canines view the family as their pack, and hierarchy is established early on in their lives. If you allow leeway with bad behavior, like biting or jumping on people, dogs will assume they can do it all the time. By contrast, using abusive methods as correction can make the animal aggressive. Whether pampering or hitting, the result is the same.

Proper training creates the respect your dog needs to have for you. Teaching rudimentary commands, like sit, come, and wait, establishes you as the pack leader. Having the dog’s respect makes the animal less likely to ignore commands, act aggressively, or otherwise behave badly.

Tutoring Obedience

Dogs can be frustrating when they refuse to listen to commands. For some owners, it may not be a priority to have your dog at beck and call. But being able to influence your canine is necessary for certain situations. Dogs without obedience will trash furniture, disrupt social gatherings, or use your house as a bathroom.

Training teaches more than just commands; it shows dogs who the boss is. This keeps your furry friend from getting into mischief, and lets you rest easy when they are home alone.

Dog Training Teaches the Owner

Training with one dog teaches the owner for the future.  Having the experience of working with your current canine will make it that much easier to train them in the future. This isn’t true in all cases; some dog breeds require specialized training techniques.  But knowing how to establish respect and train obedience is invaluable for dog ownership, especially when raising them from birth.

Professional Training

Dog training isn’t something you should attempt alone; seeking a professional trainer is the best option. While the average person is capable of training a dog, there are nuances and techniques that trainers have committed many years to perfecting. Their experience can make all the difference with disciplining your dog. Some training can also help with renting a home. PetCo, for example, prepares dogs for Canine Good Citizen Training that can be leveraged in these cases.  All that said, understanding the background and approach of a given trainer are important. This list of improper corrective behaviors can help you sort out bad trainers from good ones, as well as avoid the behaviors yourself.

Best of luck with training your dog, and may you and your four-legged pal be thick as thieves.

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