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Vacation Ideas That Don’t Include a Beach

You deserve a vacation, that much is certain. However, maybe you don’t know where to begin. Whether beaches aren’t your thing or you’re looking to branch out, you have alternative options. Beaches are the ideal vacation for some, but not all. If you want to get away but don’t know what to do, here are a few ideas:

Have A Spa Weekend

Whether you’re going with a romantic partner, with a friend, or just to treat yourself, spas are an excellent way to let go of all the everyday stress. You can also make your stay as long as you want, be it an hour or two or several treatments over several days. Unwind by treating yourself and your body.

Travel to A Big City

New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are always accepting visitors. Or perhaps you want a city, but not a city of quite that caliber. Either way, cities are an excellent means of breaking away from your typical life and doing quite literally whatever you want. See a show, go to a museum, try fantastic foods and baked goods, go to famous monuments or any of the above.

Go Camping & Hiking

I’m what you might call “indoorsy,” but camping is a great pastime for many families out there. If you want a way to detox from everyone and bond with nature, by all means, do! Go camping and sleep under the stars, go for hikes, have a big bonfire, and all that jazz.

Book A Last-Minute Tour Somewhere

Maybe there’s a brewery that does tours, or maybe you want to do a historical or art museum tour; either way, there are several options. If you aren’t sure what to do, but you know you want out of the house, try looking up tours for where your interests lie!

If the trifecta of sun, sand, and surf doesn’t appeal to you, never fear. You can still make sure that you’ll have a good time. Now call your friends and loved ones and start booking.

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