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Updating Your Skincare Routine for Spring

Brandi Redd

Spring has come, and with it, warmer weather. Since we’re moving past the days of dry and bitterly cold air, it’s good to adjust your skincare routine. It will help your skin prepare for more humid air. Time to stock up your skincare supplies with weather-appropriate products, and here’s how to use them:

Cleanse & Exfoliate

Full face of makeup or not, it’s essential to clean your face thoroughly every day. It’s also equally important to exfoliate, though nothing too intense. Exfoliation helps prevent breakouts, but products that are too harsh on your skin can leave it feeling raw and oversensitive. Look for something that’s right in the middle.

Fight Back Against Acne

Following up to my previous advice, not all breakouts can be avoided. Hot and humid weather causes sweat which, in turn, causes acne. To help with breakouts, try products that treat spots for your face and/or a gentle acne treatment for your body.

Cooler Showers

Try taking tepid or even cold showers to help your skin. It’s been stated that warm showers can be detrimental, as they strip skin of natural essential oils. Since you’re apt to get overheated anyway, try taking a cooler shower.


Those with fair skin are always at risk for sunburn, even in the spring. You can settle this with sunscreen of course, but not everyone is so keen to use it. There are sunscreens made for skin that is lighter than the usual creams but still gets the job done. Use that, in addition, to make up that has sun protection if you’re so inclined. Apply as often as possible when outside for elongated periods.

Everyone’s skin is different in terms of what it requires. More companies are becoming aware of this and offer several products for various skin types. Keep this in mind while doing your research and in extreme cases, contact a dermatologist to make sure the products you’re looking at will be beneficial to your skin.


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