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Unique Holiday Gifts For Each of the 5 Senses


Are you running out of unique gift ideas? Don’t fall into the same trap this year of buying gift cards or cliché gifts. Try thinking of gift ideas per one of the 5 senses; touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. These gifts are gender neutral and truly something they will use. Hopefully these gift ideas will get your creative juices flowing and provide some inspiration! You might be able to cross that last person off your list with one of these unique gift ideas for each of the 5 senses.



This sense is the most intimate of them all. The possibilities are endless for touch gifts. A foot massage (or any massage) at your local spa is a thoughtful gift idea that’s often overlooked. Make them feel warm and cozy with an extra fluffy soft throw blanket or slippers. 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart is a fun idea for the gambler. It is a scratch-off reading list of 100 literary classics. They sell scratch-off charts in a variety of topics to chose from. Looking to entertain a child and their parent at the same time? This Bubble-Wrap calendar is literally a calendar made of bubble wrap. This gift is playful and useful.



Gifts for this sense are subjective to the individual. If you have slight indication of what they like, any of these gifts will work. Housemade pastas are perfect for the Italian food lover. Cooks will appreciate the quality and authenticity of these noodles. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit is a funny and smart gift to give. It is a stack of 13 portable spices to save even the most horrible meal. My Ice Cream & Netflix Binge Spoon is a cute gift to award the couch potato in your life. There is a wide assortment of personalized spoons to choose from on Etsy.



Do you automatically think of perfume when it comes to smell? Try to branch out from cliché gifts with ‘Aromas in Coffee’. This scratch-and-sniff book is perfect for any coffee drinker. They can discover flavor notes as they turn the pages of this coffee table book. Any beauty fanatic will like The Honey Body Care Gift Set. It features edible honey and a mix of body care treats. Real honey is used to make lotion, lip balm and a sugar scrub. The Homemade Gin Kit allows you to transform a generic bottle of vodka into your own blend. Scented Juniper Berries and Botanical Blends can be added to spice up the alcohol.



Help your selfie-loving friend see herself better with a LuMee case. It lights up to always provide the perfect glow. The Cardboard iPad TV stand provides the old school feel of a tv for your iPad. This is a unique, humorous gift for grandma and grandpa. Keeping with that retro vibe is the Lomo’Instant Milano. This colorful camera works like a polaroid camera. It’s more stylish and comes with interchangeable lenses for customization.



Music lovers will rejoice when they open the DIY Crafty Speakers. This gift is great for creative junkies. These speakers are free to be decorated and personalized. The Enamel-On-Steel Classic Teakettle lets you know the water is ready with a subtle, two-note chord instead of a harsh whistle. Tea fanatics will be forever grateful for this gift. The SoundSpa Mini Portable Sound Machine is ideal for travelers. It easily fits into their luggage so they can say goodbye to sleepless nights.

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