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The Truth Behind Books Turned Movies

I love romantic movies based on books like; the Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and The Fault in Our Stars just to name a few. What girl doesn’t? There’s nothing better than putting on one of your classic romance movies, making popcorn, and having a cry fest. For me, watching movies is all about feeling like I am there.

Most of those sappy romance movies we love so much are based on books by the same name. I used to think that watching the movies was all I needed. Then the day came when I read a Nicholas Sparks book after seeing the movie; it was the Last Song. I liked the movie a lot, enough to buy it for my DVD collection. After I had read the book, I saw the story in a completely new light. The movie that I once fell in love with was no longer my favorite. Reading the book had shattered all my feelings about the film. The movie did not do the magical book justice.

If you watch movies without reading the books, then I will agree the movies are likable and fun to watch. When you have the book to compare the film too, your then perspective is entirely changed leaving you with mixed feelings.

I am a busy person. I always told myself with school, work, and a life I didn’t have enough time to read a big chapter book. I thought I’ll just watch the movie; it’s the same thing anyways.Wrong; if you are like me and believe that too, you are missing an entire world beyond your best imagination. The truth is if you have enough time to watch a two-hour movie, you have sufficient time to read a book. At a half hour, a day I can finish a four-hundred-page book in less than a week. Thirty minutes a day, that’s all you need.  


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