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Trista Sutter on Rocky Mountain Reno

Former Bachelorette Trista Sutter and her husband Ryan are hitting the screen again! This time they are showcasing their Mile High side on HGTV’s Rocky Mountain Reno as co-hosts. In the show Ryan and Trista are home renovating powerhouse taking each house at a time.

The show premiered today at different times depending on the location. For the first episode Ryan and Trista help parents-to-be Dave and Rachel renovate their new home so that it suits. Trista’s husband Ryan has a degree in architecture at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Other than focusing on home renovating the show will America how it’s like to live the ultimate Colorado life. “We get the chance to show the rest of America why we love Colorado so much by helping families find and renovate their idyllic mountain homes in the process, and we get to do it together!” Throughout the season the viewers will be able to see what it really means to be a mountain man with Ryan chopping down trees, see different sides of the couple and their kids, Trista will showcase her love for interior design along with Ryan for architecture.

If you missed showing on your time-zone make sure to check on demand! This is a series you don’t want to miss!

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