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Trending Tea Rooms

We all love our coffee, but tea has been its fierce competitor for years. Lately tea has been taking the spotlight as tea rooms are popping up all around town. “Can’t we just get Oolong”? People are heading around the US and even the world for the finest tea service. Here are five trendy hot spots for any tea connoisseur.

Alfred Tea Room (Los Angeles)

Alfred Coffee + Kitchen, one of LA’s popular coffee establishments has recently decided to broaden its horizons by opening a tea room. From your classic loose leaf tea to nitro chai, the relatively new Alfred Tea Room is the place to go. It’s pink aesthetic is the perfect addition to your visit as you can take many different Instagram-worthy pictures.

Sketch Tea Parlor (London)

Known for its quirky artwork, Sketch Tea Parlor is the place to visit when in London if you’re interested in having afternoon tea with a whimsical twist. It’s playful dishware along with its Grand Budapest Hotel vibe is what sets this place apart from your traditional tea room.

Huntington Library Rose Garden Tea Room (Los Angeles)

This place is high status for tea enthusiasts. It provides a lovely afternoon tea along with a wide selection of treats in its ever-so famous rose garden. It’s the best place to come for tea for two as you can revisit anytime during your stay at the library’s various botanical gardens and art exhibits.

Argo Tea (New York)

Drinking coffee in New York is a huge deal as it is the perfect beverage to consume during the winter. However, tea is making a big impact in the Big Apple. Argo has some of the highest quality when coming to tea in the US as it directly competes with companies such as Teavana and Tazo. There are multiple locations popping up on the East coast and they’re even looking to bring Argo Tea to the West coast. It is clear that tea culture is on the rise.

Chado Tea Room (Los Angeles)

Chado’s selection of tea is so wide that the menu is literally in the form of book. It’s affordable pots of tea ranging for less than $10 and their famous aromatic scones keep customers coming back on a consistent basis. Being in three locations in Los Angeles, Chado sets the bar for affordable quality tea.

Now that there are more places for tea lovers to reside, it’s starting to feel like tea is on an even playing field with coffee. As tea rooms continue to grow, so do its customers.

Let us know where you like to get your favorite cup of tea below!

Image Source: Yelp 

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