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Travel Bag Essentials


With the summer around the corner, everyone is planning their summer vacations. If we haven’t been on vacation in a while, we can forget what to bring to make our experience nice and easy. Instead of spending extra money at the shops before your flight, bring these five essentials with you.

Cute Tote Bag

First things first, you need a bag to keep all your essentials in. Have you ever tried to stuff all your things into a small purse or backpack? Not anymore. An oversized tote bag is perfect for any flight as you can fit in all your essentials and more. Get one with multiple pockets so that you can stay more organized. You won’t have to worry about damaging your things if you have everything in a designated place. With a tote bag, you’ll be stylishly prepared as you make your way to the plane.

Book or Magazine

Being on the aircraft for multiple hours can be boring, especially if you have no form of entertainment with you. Sometimes we don’t want to watch the movies provided to us either. We just sit there contemplating whether to go to sleep or go to sleep. This is where your book or magazine comes in handy. Bringing fresh reading material with you can get you excited to board the plane and read. Make sure to bring a book light with you so you can still read when the lights turn off. If you’re not much of a bookworm, then pick up the latest edition of your favorite magazine. You can catch up on the hottest trends and even read some lengthy articles. You’ll get through a magazine quicker than a book, but it’s a nice read when waiting for short periods of time.

Portable Charger

If you’re bringing an electronic device, it’s smart to bring a charger. However, having to deal with cords and sitting on the floor next to the outlet is not ideal. Bring a portable charger with you, so when your battery life is low, you can just plug up and keep moving.


A lot of people don’t think to bring snacks and find themselves starving on the way to their destination. Why pay twice as much money when you can bring snacks with you for free. Throw in a couple of goodies you made at home that are portable and mess-free. You’ll be thankful when the times comes, and you won’t have to opt for unhealthy food options.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

It can get pretty noisy when on the plane, train, and bus. Bring noise canceling headphones so you can hear your music clearly without any noisy interruptions. You’ll be able to listen to your music playlist without disturbing other people as well. This is the better option when listening to music with other people around you.

Traveling can be stressful if you don’t have the proper things to keep you preoccupied. The next time you travel, throw a couple of these items into your carry-on tote bag, and you’ll be ready to go!

Let us know what your travel bag essential is below!

Image Source: Fenwick

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