Top Five Techniques for Stress-Less Travel Planning

Planning a trip and don’t know where to begin? Starting the process of travel planning can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes, though, all you need is a bit of a boost to get you started. The following list will give you a few techniques for beginning your travel plans, minus the stress. These techniques are especially beneficial if you have little experience making plans or knowing where to begin. However, they are great reminders for all travelers, seasoned or not.

List Your Expectations

What exactly do you want out of your trip? Whether that’s skiing every day, reading books at the park, eating culturally unique food, or sleeping in late, knowing what you want from a trip will set you up for success. Make sure that your list is honest; you can’t help anyone if you’re lying about what you want. Listing these expectations allows you to see them on paper and better know where to start with your trip. This list also gives you the opportunity to evaluate each expectation and better know how to decide between them later.

Set Aside Time

The best way to avoid stress planning is to give yourself time. Waiting until the last minute is never the right answer for making grand plans, or for alleviating stress. To avoid last-minute planning, try scheduling time each week for travel planning. Whether that’s an hour or just a few minutes, scheduling a planning session each week gives you time to do your research and helps you to get excited about your trip. Looking at pictures of your travel destination or having a snack while you research also makes planning more fun.  

Take Advantage of Travel Apps

There are so many different programs and applications now that are designed to make travel easier. Tripadvisor, TripIt, RoutePerfect, and Rom2rio are four great apps that allow you to record your travel plans all in one place. Some of these apps can even help you figure out the best way to navigate from one location to another. Other applications like Airbnb, HostelWorld, WhatsApp, and Uber help with more accurate plans, like lodgings and transportation. Taking advantage of these applications will change the way you plan and will make organizing your trip a whole lot easier.

Get Organized

Whether you are a paper and pencil or internet filing kind of person, find out your organizational preferences and use them. If you’re online, try using one of Google’s apps for your documentation needs. If you work better with paper, try using poster board or a whiteboard for planning. That will give you enough space to work and allows space for pictures or added commentary.

Read Reviews

Though this may be old news, always remember to read reviews when making travel plans. The best way for you to learn more about a place is to hear about it from people who have been there. Additionally, a lot of reviews have some great tips and information about the place you want to visit. This will give you a better understanding of any quirks you can expect and provides you with tips that will help you decide what to include in your trip.