Top Fitness Trends for 2017

fitness trends 2017

Fitness is constantly evolving; our understanding of the effects of exercise and supplements on our bodies changes regularly, and new “game-changing” discoveries appear yearly. Some people behind these “advances” are attempting to cash in on a growing cultural awareness about benefits of exercise, and want to take advantage of those uninitiated to fitness scene. A cursory search of fitness trends will show all sorts of links to sketchy diets, questionable routines, and fitness technology of contestable worth. However, some 2017 fitness trends have merit. Here are three examples:

Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts have been a favorite of those looking to save money and still get in shape. People can do these anywhere at no cost, and they are great for teaching beginners about proper form. They are also extremely versatile and adaptable; intensity and exercise variations can be adjusted to work for multiple muscle groups without hardly any equipment. However, keep in mind that building muscle beyond a certain point can be difficult without weights. Onnit Academy offers a reliable guide and body-weight regimen here.

Fitness Tech

Tech is changing the way that we workout, and we should expect more of it this year than ever before. Calorie counters, heart-rate monitors, meal-planning apps, and wearable GPS bands are just a few examples. Some of these can be on the pricey side, but precision counts when planning your macros or hitting your target heart rateCES has multiple lists on the latest fitness technology for men and women.


Many consider High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT,  to be one of the most efficient workout regimens for improving cardiovascular fitness, burning calories, and increasing metabolism. Sessions are typically completed in thirty minutes or less with the purpose of going all out on several alternating exercises. An example of a beginner HIIT workout could be a dozen thirty-second sprints with a thirty to forty-second rest in between each sprint. Other examples are Insanity or select P90X workouts containing more advanced techniques. Physicians have doubts as to whether the general populace could commit to such intensive routines long enough for results, but interest in HIIT has grown substantially. HIIT has remained as one of the most popular forms of exercise for the past three years. This is mainly owing to the acceptable amount of time required and the potential for relatively quick results.