Top Coat: Dressing For The Cold

Throughout fall fashion, you can normally pick out one signified top choice for men coats. This year, there appears to be two main contenders. However, there are a lot of options in regards to design. The main coats for men this fall are the top coat and the more casual bomber jacket. Designers this fall have utilized multiple patterns for the top coat and bomber jacket. The color scheme is pretty standard across the board, focusing on darker greens, black, blues, and reds.These fall fashions are easy to commit to, providing options for every personality. You can go with a solid top coat or something more wild like plaid or animal prints.

With the top coats and bomber jackets, it doesn’t matter your career or personality; either way, there is a jacket for you.The same concepts can be seen from the sweaters and layers. The runway shots show the designers utilizing the same concepts throughout the entire outfit, giving a concise and sophisticated look.

In the perfect outfit, the recommendation is mixing the solids and patterns. This can easily be done with the coat and underlying items (sweater, shirt, etc). There is no reason to think that you need both jackets to wear to all the events in your life. In fact, because of the solids and patterns, you can easily transition the top coat. Though the bomber jacket is a more casual coat, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for everything. The top coat is normally seen on men who work in an office on a regular basis. However, prints can sometimes be seen as something less formal, so it is ideal to add it under the top coat to add some personality.

This fall fashion is great for those who are willing to try out prints. Let these designs inspire your winter wardrobe!


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Let me know what you think of these jacket and how you style your top coat and bomber jacket!