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Tips to Quit Smoking

Are you a smoker that’s trying to quit or has the desire to quit? Smoking causes so many health problems and makes your clothes smell. Try these quick tips to quit smoking the next time you are tempted to light up so that you can keep yourself smoke-free.

Trash The Ash Trays

There’s nothing like the feeling of being in control when you finally dump all your ash trays in the garbage. Get rid of anything that reminds you of the need to smoke. The less reminders that you have around your house, the better off you are. A friend once dumped everything into a big can of grease so she wouldn’t feel the temptation to grab anything back out of the trash.

Feed Your Mouth

Now that sounded weird, didn’t it? Seriously, if you have what I call the “motion addiction” where you need something in your mouth, try gum or hard candies. For me, the spearmint candies work great. I can’t stick anything into my mouth and it tastes like menthol so I am relieved by the taste. Try a few things to see what works for you the best. It is worth it and a lot less expensive than a pack of cigarettes.

Get Support

Find a trusted friend, even your spouse or parent, to hold you accountable. When you have a need to smoke remember that it only lasts ten minutes. Find someone to talk to online or over the phone for that long and get your mind off the urge. It will pass. I promise.

Read Scripture Or Pray

God is bigger than your addiction. Pray for strength against smoking. Anything you ask that is in line with God’s will is assured. Trust me, God wants you to be healthy and live a productive life. It’s in His Word at 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20. Pick several Scriptures out ahead of time and have them ready on a sticky note to help you in times of need.

You CAN!

Using these tips to quit smoking can help you kick the habit for good. Your first week will be the hardest, but you’re worth it.

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