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Tips for Those Going on Long Flights

Sadly, no amount of tips in the world can prepare you for everything that can make a trip long. Between layovers, possible cancellations, and the actual long flights themselves, traveling great distances can be exhausting. However, I promise to do my best to prepare you as well as I can.

Here are some easy ways to make those long flights much more bearable:

Dress Comfortably

Maybe you’re one hundred percent anti-sweatpants, and maybe you’re all for them. Whatever your stance, “comfortable” doesn’t necessarily equal sweatpants or sweatshirts. If you want to look on the nicer side, by all means, do so, but still, try and go for something that you enjoy wearing. You’ll be in that outfit for quite some time, so make it worth your while. The journey will be tiring enough without the bonus of heels or tight pants.

Drink Plenty of Water

I can already feel you rolling your eyes at this, but hear me out. While drinking a lot of water does equal more trips to the bathroom, stretching your legs now and then is highly recommended on long flights. Furthermore, airplanes are pretty notorious for dehydration. Be sure to request water or bring on a bottle of your own.

Pre-Plan Your Entertainment

Stock up on books on your Kindle, charge up your phone and mp3 devices, pre-load movies onto your electronic devices, and go! Also, depending on your destination, be sure to pack portable charger with you. For low-tech options, look to magazines or long books that you’ve meant to delve into. You certainly have the time.

Pack a Jacket

It will make all the difference. Some people underestimate how chilly it can get on planes and in airports, so bring a jacket just in case. You can always take off that extra layer, but you can’t add it on if you don’t bring it. Your jacket can also double as a comfortable blanket for your knees if you get as exceptionally cold as I do!

Order a Meal

If you have a long international flight ahead of you, be sure to pre-order a meal. Most international airline fees include the price of a meal anyway. It’s a small way to make your trip that much more tolerable.


A good nap is an excellent way to pass the time on a flight. Also, if you’re traveling internationally, it’s almost essential to try and sleep to adjust to the time difference. If you have trouble sleeping on a plane, I suggest calming music and some light medication such as Dramamine to help relax you and put you to sleep. You’ll be at your destination in no time!

Whether you’re catching multiple flights to a work conference, taking a much-needed vacation, or headed back home, traveling for long periods is tiresome. There’s no way to get around the nuisance of it completely, but there are certain steps that will help ease it along. Happy traveling!

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