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A Timeless Classic: Winged Liner

I personally don’t think there has ever been a makeup look that has ever tested time longer than the Winged liner. Classic stars like Marilyn Monroe to modern divas like Taylor Swift has all dawned this look from morning til night and hopefully I can help you achieve this too; here’s some tips!


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Disclaimer: Everyone has a completely different way to do their own winged liner, and each one is completely correct. This is just a few tips on how I achieve my daily wing.

First: Start at the inner tear duct of your eye very thinly then gently drag around lash line slowly getting thicker and stop at the end on the eye. (don’t flick yet!)

Second: Look at your lower lash line and imagine if it would just extend next your top lash line, follow that guide line and make a diagonal line from the end of your top lash line about 1/4 of an inch.

Third: Where the diagonal line ends follow that back the direction you came from at a slightly higher angle to resemble a long triangle.

Fourth: Fill in the triangle! This step should reveal a beautiful cat eye BUT don’t be discouraged if it’s not perfect, even the best makeup artists have to clean up their work sometimes! You can always redraw and sharpen your lines!

Here are some tips on mastering the Winged Eyeliner!

  1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – Winged eyeliner is definitely an acquired skill and it doesn’t come over night! I recommend getting a cheap washable eyeliner from the drugstore to practice on when you have free time. You need to be able to make mistakes to learn from, practice always makes perfect!
  2. Find your application style – There are so many different ways to get a sassy flick on your eyes from gel eyeliner to using liquid from a felt tip or brush applicator, everyone is different. I personally prefer the liquid style but it all depends on your own personal comfort level; never be afraid to try something new though.
  3. Follow the shape of your eye – Everyone’s eyes are shaped differently and where someone’s wing ends someone else’s could keep going. Follow your eye shape and the more you practice the better you’ll understand your own technique.
  4. Have Fun! Makeup should be an exciting experience, don’t ever feel bad for not getting your eyeliner quite right. If you like it then that’s all that matters!

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I hope this helps you all achieve the timeless trend of Winged Eyeliner but always remember; you are all beautiful inside and out whether your eyeliner is perfectly “on fleek” or not.

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