Three Items Worth Buying Thrift

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Money may not be everything. But you certainly spend a lot of it over the course of a lifetime.  Therefore, saving money is always a priority. Finding ways to cut costs without compromising your quality of life is a godsend. Buying items thrift is one method of doing so. You can buy the following three items thrift for about the same quality as brand new.


Thrift stores are a treasure trove for clothing. Slightly used clothes are affordable, fashionable, and give you great value. Keen shoppers can even find name-brand apparel tucked away between the racks, and at a fraction of its usual price. While cleanliness is a legitimate concern with used clothes, stores like Goodwill and ARC provide a solid once-over cleaning on clothes before they hit the sales floor. Despite this, it is always recommended to run used clothes through the wash before wearing them.


Books are another wonderful item to buy used. While some may have light damage, you can often find old classics as well as new releases littering thrift store bookshelves. Expensive textbooks can also grace the shelves at a bargain, though they are not found consistently. The aspiring bookworm could walk away from a thrift shop with ten books for ten dollars or less. How many dedicated bookstores can beat that?

Mechanical/Sports Equipment

Tools and sporting goods usually take up the same floor space together in thrift shops and include some of the best deals available. Bike brands like Swift, sometimes completely untouched, are sold at half of their retail value.  Craftsman wrenches and tool sets are regularly available for cheap, and sporting gear, at times even high-end training equipment, can show up on the sales floor at negligible cost. Thrift tools are fantastic value for your mechanical needs, and Sporting goods will pay back their cost and then some.

Thrift Store Discounts

Due to the stream of day-to-day donations, thrift shops often have to push out merchandise at high volume. From my time working at Goodwill, I learned that color-coded price tags mean that an item is being sold at an even lower price depending on the week. Always be sure to ask about discount specials for whatever store you shop.