Three Important Steps When Planning A Move

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Moving into a new home can be an exciting time in our lives. However, it can also grate on the nerves. There’s more to relocating than simply packing up and going. Here are three important steps to remember when planning a move.

Packers & Movers

Hiring packers and movers is a no-brainer for those who can afford the convenience. But there are some intricacies. For example, what if you have a lot of workout equipment and the mover/packers you hired refuse to handle it for liability reasons? Depending on when this happens, it may not be a big deal. But it could be a disaster if you figure this out the day they come in. A policy miscommunication wastes your time and money.

Most companies will readily provide lists of what items they can and cannot handle. If they don’t, be sure to discuss with company personnel to get a clear picture. This list of things that professional movers will not transport can give you some ideas on what you’ll have to haul yourself.

Logistics of the Move

A move across the city doesn’t take a ton of thought. Switching cities or states, however, can present some difficulties with travel plans. Financial concerns are just a small part of moving long distances; coordinating flights or navigating a land route creates schedule conflicts, and then you have to think about your pets if there’s enough space in the car for the family and so on.

Determine the best method of moving to your new home by what you can afford, and what keeps you in line with your schedule. Plan out driving days if you take a land route, and set up hotel stays in advance for your stops. Most importantly, pace yourself and don’t drive for extended periods of time without rest. “Drowsy driving,” or driver fatigue, was directly linked to 800 deaths in 2013. If stopping is not an option and you have family/roommates traveling with you, drive in shifts instead.

Handling Your Exit

Moving your furniture and planning a trip are important, but what about the state of the place you’re leaving? Regardless of whether you were a renter or owner,  give the place the works; clean it up, make any repairs you need to make, and coordinate with a property manager if you intend to rent the place out or sell. The USPS will also have to know about your move so that mail is withheld from the previous address, and delivered to the new one.