This Is The Day

What are you thinking about right now? Do you know whatever it is we are thinking about is only what we have allowed. Nobody has control of our own thoughts except whom/what we have allowed. The enemy wants to take residence in our mind and rent space to make us miserable. He wants us to think the opposite of what we know God wants us to think. Thoughts like: You have no hope; You will never be forgiven; You will never be healed; You’re ugly and the list goes on.

But the good news is we have the authority given to us by our mighty God to cast down and bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ! (II Corinthians 10:5) It’s time to give that devil an eviction notice and tell those thoughts they must leave! Only thoughts that are from our God are welcomed. Thoughts like: I am an overcomer; I am healed; I am forgiven; I can do all things through Christ; I shall not fear and the list goes on and on.

Glory to God!! So the choice is ours, which and whose thoughts would you rather have take residence in your mind? Have a “I want my thoughts to be your thoughts Lord” day!