This is How to Kick Start Your Week for Success

Let’s be honest, Sunday comes around and our weekend high fades away. The majority of us can agree that Mondays suck. Your 6 am alarm clock goes off and reality hits. Though I’m never going to be a fan of Mondays, there are some ways to make them tolerable and kick start your week for success. How you start your week can determine how the rest of it goes. If you forgot to meal prep or plan your week, it can all go haywire.

Let’s say no to starting our weeks off on a bad note. With these helpful tips, your week will start off right. No one wants to have a bad day or week so here are some tips to make it successful.

Plan Ahead

Yes, I know this is an obvious step, but seriously, plan your week. Make a to-do list of the things you need to accomplish. Check your calendar for appointments and events that are coming up, and plan ahead. If you know you have a friend’s birthday dinner on Wednesday make sure you get them their gift or card before Wednesday. If you know, you’re having back to back meetings or appointments on Thursday make sure you have healthy snacks or arrange your meals so that you’re not going the full day without eating. Know what your week looks like and plan ahead, so you’re not running around like a chicken without a head trying to wake up at 6/7am, trying to make your french press coffee, fighting traffic, and finding some way to make it to the gym. Planning will be your best friend, and she is always kind when you do it.

Meal Prep

I’m a firm believer in planning your meals in advance and making them in advance or at least prepping them, so you’re not spending an hour in the kitchen daily. I like to go grocery shopping either on Friday or Saturday. I plan out my meals and make sure I meet my calories and macros at the beginning of the week so come Friday or Saturday after work or the gym I can grocery shop.

On Sundays, usually after church or if I don’t make it to church after I wake up, I carve out two to three hours to cook and sort my meals for the week. You have no idea how much free time you will have during the week by meal prepping. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning any dishes other than your breakfast dishes and coffee mug.

After meal prepping I load the dishwasher and start it and later in the evening or Monday, I empty it so I can put all my empty containers in the dishwasher throughout the week and rerun it once the weekend comes. I say, try meal prepping one week and see how much stress of what I am going to eat or I don’t feel like cooking you limit yourself for the week. Just remember, Sundays are for meal prepping.


We go through the hustle and bustle all week long, from driving all over town, attending events, working out (or not working out), and trying to make sure we fuel our bodies. We also need to remember to stop and breathe. I try (doesn’t always happen each week) to have some “me” time weekly. On Sundays, if I have the patience I try to do a face mask and take a hot bath (literally for 10 minutes). Throughout the week I also started to read a book an hour before going to sleep. This helps me to escape my busy life of working a full-time job at a tech company, running Deliberate Magazine and answering emails, babysitting little bundle of joys whenever I can, and making it to the gym four to five times a week. I’ve got a lot going for me and being able just to read a book has helped me relax at night. Find something that makes you relax throughout the week and on the weekend. Your body and mind will thank you.

Now that I’ve given you these simple three steps go out and apply them to your life. Reading an article on improving your life does nothing for you if you don’t try it out. Try it out and let us know how it went.

What are some of the ways you kick start your week so that it’s successful? Let us know below!


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