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Things Having a Roommate Teaches You

We have all at least once in our lives had to share our intimate space with another human being, whether it be out of our own will or not. I shared a room when I was younger with my sister, and now that I’m in college I have two amazing roommates that I couldn’t imagine going through the trial and rejoices that this stage in life brings without them. Reality check though, I can relate that most people don’t have that amazing roommate experience and that’s ok! Every person that comes into your life is either a blessing or a lesson, and both can be used for your good in the long run.

The biggest thing that a roommate teaches you is responsibility. No one likes the messy roommate that leaves their dishes in the sink and doesn’t pay their half of the light bill; if you’re this person, don’t be this person. Every single person deserves respect and equal partnership. If it’s your turn to take out the trash or buy milk then do it, no questions asked. Just like any relationship, it’s a compromise based situation, and sometimes one of you will have to pull the weight a bit more than other times.

Sometimes roommates, just like family knows exactly the buttons to push at the exact wrong times. Fights, disagreements, and all out feuds do happen; I can attest to it myself. I had to move out early last year since my roommate situation was so horrible (one of those lesson moments I was talking about earlier) and sometimes that happens. People are flawed, and sometimes personalities clash and don’t end up well, but you can always learn to be the bigger person and give grace. Just like Jesus Christ, we are accused, beaten, and sometimes bruised, but if we look at His example we can learn how to be the best roommate possible

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