Things To Leave in 2017

2017, has now come to a close and there a lot of things happened. From memes to trends, to people. This year has been one crazy year. And because of this crazy year, there are tons of things that we should leave in 2017, and never bring back to 2018.

Leave The “Cash Me Outside” Meme in 2017

This “Cash Me Outside” meme, became popular when a 12-year-old girl, was brought on Dr. Phil’s show. She was on the show due to disrespectful and rebellious behavior towards her mother. During the show, she has framed the saying, “cash me outside, how bow dah.” And it blew up. Though the meme had its highs and lows, I think it should come to an end.

I obviously don’t know her, or the situation at hand. But, if you are disrespectful to your elders especially your mom, and it makes you famous that’s something not to be proud of. I want no part of and want none of it in 2018.

Leave Clickbait in 2017

I don’t know about you, but I feel like “clickbait” videos have been a huge trend this year. Clickbait meaning, “videos that have an engaging title on them. However, once you click on the video, it’s not what you think it is”. Pretty much, “bait for clicks.” It can also be defined simply as, “making users click on their video.”

There have been countless Youtube videos that give huge titles to their videos, but once clicked all you get is disappointment. Sometimes, some of these videos even lead you to advertise web pages. When all you wanted was a simple video.

Leave this in 2017, and put “real” titles on your videos, please. It may not get a lot of clicks, but you won’t lose your credibility. Cease your false hyperbole.

Leave Fidget Spinners in 2017

This toy was supposed to help kids and people cope with their anxiety. Instead, this was the toy that if you didn’t have, you weren’t cool enough. Instead of having a toy that you can just play with the flick of your finger. Let’s have kids play with actual toys like basketballs or even video games for that matter.

Leave Sophia the Robot in 2017

This robot became a citizen faster than most people. There are people out there who have been trying to gain citizenship for years. And this non-human robot got it once it can start talking. Secondly, Sophia the robot said she is out to destroy all humans. Why are we praising this robot?! I have to admit; it is cool that this robot can walk and talk, and act like a human. But, if this robot is going to act like a human, sooner or later there’s going to be a bunch more robots out here to steal jobs.

However, this robot is still pretty cool, but please leave it in 2017.

Leave The Emoji Movie in 2017

This is going to short and simple. Honestly, what was that?

Leave Bringing Other People Down in 2017

This has been an ongoing trend for a while, but for some reason, I feel like it was more brought up this year. There was bringing down girls for not being a certain size. And, bringing down guys because they were too feminine. Bringing down the newer generation because some of them weren’t “educated.” This is something we 100% need to leave in 2017.

As we are growing as a society, who continuously preaches about equality and love for all. We should start to show that. With whatever you say about someone, you don’t know how much that’s going to hurt them. Instead of bringing people down, we should help encourage each other.

Leave Toxic People in 2017

Leave them in 2017. This new year is an opportunity for you to leave those negative people out of your life. Whether they’re your coworkers, friends or classmates, set boundaries with these toxic people ― or remove them from your life entirely if that helps. It can be difficult, but it’s ultimately necessary and free.

Continuously surrounding yourself with these people will only bring you stress, and sadness, However, allowing yourself to be surrounded by positive people can help you achieve happiness. Being around negative people can only create more obstacles for you, that you don’t even need.

2017 has definitely been a crazy year for trends and society in general. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in 2018.