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Things You Didn’t Know Donation Centers Need

Many of us look for ways to be generous during the holidays and that includes donations. Giving to donation centers can be a great way to make an impact on many people’s lives. While Christmas for some means gathering by a warm fire in our cozy homes with family, others may not have a home to gather in or any gifts to open. Usually, the items that come to mind are canned foods, toys, and coats, but there are so many more. Here are some items you may not have known donation centers need.

Work Attire

Joblessness can be hard and what can make it even harder is not having work or interview appropriate clothes. While the way a person is dressed shouldn’t dictate their ability to do quality work, that is the society we live in. Your donation of dress shoes and suits for men and women can go a long way. Providing work attire for one person can impact their entire family and the company they may soon work for.

Transit Gifts

Another problem people may face is transportation. Getting places costs money. Not everything is in walking distance and not every person is capable of walking. Donating transit cards can be a huge help that allows people to get to work, doctor’s appointments, and even visiting family during the holiday season. Adult bikes are another option for donation to help people get to where they need to go.

Forgotten Toiletries

Most people think of soap and deodorants. However, these aren’t the only toiletries that donation centers need this holiday season. Remembering to donate shaving cream and razors can be helpful. Lip balm and lotions are also necessary to keep skin healthy during the harsh weather this season can bring. Brushes and other hair care products are also needed.

Featured Image: Goodwill Keystone Area

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