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Things You Can’t Download: Love, Relationships & Time with God

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Our society, today, works in a technological world. We are constantly surrounded by it; from cell phones, TV’s and smart watches. A lot of us are glued to our electronic devices. Sometimes the apps on our devices become our lives. Don’t get me wrong, some apps are useful in our every day lives. Like, my calendar app. I can put a due date or appointment on there and later on, it will send me a reminder. On my busy days, that helps me so much!

However, there are a few things that you can’t download in life: love, friendship, fellowship and quiet time with God. Love requires a personal, one-on-one attention between you and another person. It is often times hard to tell expression over text, Facebook, or any other type of electronic device. As human beings, there is so much nonverbal communication that occurs through eye contact and facial expression that is crucial to knowing the emotion of another individual. Showing love is no different. In an article by Ronald E. Riggio Ph. D. titled 5 Secret Powers of Eye Contact, love and eye contact is explained a little more in depth. Riggio tells the five powers that eye contact has.

  1. Eye contact causes arousal. This doesn’t solely mean sexually. Eye contact tells our brain to react towards that person when they do something or say something. This could mean a positive contact, aggressive contact or a positive one. So when Your mom starts to cry, your eyes pick up on the shape of her face and eyes that tell you to feel sympathetic towards her.
  2. Eye contact will tell you if a smile is real or not. When someone smiles and that smile is genuine, their eyes will narrow and create lines. Our brains recognize this as the other person being genuine.
  3. When you eyes dilate, it means you are interested. Your eyes are allowing you to take in more information when they are wider. So when you eyes dilate, it can tell the other person that you are interested in what they are saying.
  4. Mutual gaze is a sign of love. When you keep your eyes fixed on the other person for a long period of time, it allows them to see that you are also interested in them and want to go further with your relationship.
  5. A deceiver will often times look you directly in the eyes but will not show any of the other signs of honesty. When they do this, they will constantly look you in the eyes, trying to deceive you into believing that they are honest.

Just like love, these five secrets are used in friendship. We use these things to gage whether or not our relationships are sincere or fake. The last thing you cannot download, however, is one of greatest importance. Our quiet time with God is a crucial part of our spiritual growth. During that time, God can speak to us and we need to be ready to listen to Him. If we are too busy on our electronic devices, we might miss the important things our Heavenly Father has to tell us.

So make it your goal to unplug from your electronic lives and spend some time around those who love and care for you.


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