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Things You Can Clean In The Dishwasher

In the fall, I’ll be moving into an off campus apartment with two of my best friends, and I’ve already started counting down the days. Something that’s a huge perk to living there (besides no neighbors and not having to share a bathroom with about fifty other people) as opposed to in the dorms is the built-in dishwasher! You may not be aware of this, but your dishwasher is far more capable than what you give it credit for. You can do more than just dishes with this appliance if you only give it a chance! Believe in yourself and in turn your dishwasher, and you’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation.


Keys are being handled all the time, sometimes by a lot of different people, so that makes them really gross and germy! This dishwasher will sanitize them, and it’s safe to wash them as often as you want.

Dog Toys

Dogs are lovely creatures, but they do have the unfortunate tendency to slobber over their possessions, which can make playing fetch not so fun. If the toy is plastic, pop it in the dishwasher to make it look good as new.


They’re made to do yucky jobs, but they’ll just breed bacteria if you don’t wash them every once in a while. It’ll make them last longer and be safer to use.


I’m sure your mouth is (hopefully) much cleaner than your dog’s; however, that doesn’t meant that your oral tools don’t need cleaning once in a while. Put the dishwasher on the gentlest cycle to sanitize and stick your toothbrushes in the silverware part.

Baseball Caps

Sticking your caps in the dishwasher won’t bend them like the washing machine, and they’ll be extra clean if you air dry them. Remember that they can collect a lot of sweat and dandruff, so wash them frequently.

Fridge Shelves

Food leaks and spills are common and easy to ignore, so those shelves might be nastier than you think. A quick round in the dishwasher will have the sparkling again.

Flip-Flops & Other Summer Shoes

There’s nothing grosser than dirty styrofoam, and if you keep the cycle mild enough, most flip-flops will hold in the dishwasher. Keep those feet clean too!

Featured Image: Consumer Reports

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