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Things Bridesmaids Should Not Post on Social Media

Bridesmaids have a great responsibility in the wedding as they stand next to the bride. If you are a bridesmaid in a wedding, your friend or family member has honored you with a special place in their life event and it should be seen as an honor. Keeping this in mind, here are things that bridesmaids should never post on social media.

Pictures of the Bachelorette Party

We all know that sometimes the Bachelorette party is really crazy fun. Don’t be the spoil sport that takes a million pictures of how drunk the bride gets and post them all over your Facebook or Twitter; that’s very disrespectful. No one wants to embarrass the bride on or before her big day. Don’t be that friend that spoils a good time.

Sneak Peeks

Do not post information or pictures of the bride in her dress. This is the one day that your friend or family member is going to have all eyes on her. Keep it that way by not exposing her beautiful dress to everyone on social media. This would ruin the wedding for the bride and no one wants to start someone’s wedding off on the wrong foot.

Personal Information About the Bride & Groom

Don’t be one of those people who talk openly and brutally about the bride and groom right before their wedding. No one needs to know that they have problems or what problems they have. There are other ways to handle this. Like keeping it private. The bride has entrusted you with information that only her closest friends know, and you should never post these issues under any circumstances.

Details about the Honeymoon

Let the bride gush about her own honeymoon. It’s not your place to do it for her. She may be going to Jamaica, but no one needs to know that until the bride talks about it. She may wish to keep her honeymoon a secret. Don’t ruin it for her.

These are things that bridesmaids should not post on social media. You have been trusted with an important role in a life changing event. Keep your integrity for the bride’s big day.

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