The Truth About High-Waisted

Anyone can tell you that fashion repeats itself. If you flip through yearbooks and photo albums from the past century and look for trends, it’s easy to notice patterns in style—both fortunate and unfortunate. So what is all the craze about this “new” obsession with 80s-style high-waisted clothing?

For the last several years, pants were designed to rest on your hips or lower waist just beneath or a few inches below your belly button. Even though high-waisted skirts and pants existed, they were far more unpopular and often reserved for classy pencil skirts or fancy slacks.

In this past year, however, trends have been shifting significantly from hip-riding jeans to high-waisted pants. Though this style was initially received with jokes about grannies and shirt-tucking tourists, attitudes have changed with the persistence of this high-waisted trend. Now, it’s nearly impossible for someone to find colored jeans or fashionable chinos without running into high-waisted pants; sometimes you can’t even find the pants you want unless you settle for high-waisted.

Aside from the fact that fashions are always repeating, what made the high-waisted trend resurface, and more than that, what has allowed it to hang on as long as it has? For one, the style emphasizes a woman’s curves and creates the hourglass shape that society has also recently embraced. Add that to the fact that many women have reviewed the high-waisted style with a higher rating on the comfort scale than hip-huggers, and you have enough reason for the trend to stick around.

So, is this trend for you? Unfortunately, if you’re having trouble finding on high-waisted jeans, you may have been forced to embrace the trend whether you wanted to or not. However, you should consider if this style is helping your figure, or hurting it.

In general, high-waisted emphasizes curves. That means that if you are interested in flaunting your curves, then this style will do the trick. It also helps if you don’t have any curves; the nip and tuck at your waist will highlight the curves you do have, and with a loose blouse or crop top, you can achieve that hourglass look.

If, however, you would rather slim down the curves or hide your stomach, then pair hip-hugging jeans with a loose top or leggings with a shift dress may be a better fit for you. Of course, the most important thing to remember when selecting your style is your personal comfort and satisfaction; if you aren’t comfortable wearing something or feel like the style doesn’t embrace your personality, then it isn’t for you. The choice is yours.

So whether you are sporting high-waisted chinos this spring, or are embracing hip-huggers and a fabulous top, take a moment to appreciate and take pride in yourself. After all, whether or not you rock the current trend of the season, have no fear, you’ll get another chance when the style comes back around. It always does.