The Importance of Perseverance

Life is going to be full of struggle. Many times, it seems easy to take the path of less resistance. However, this is a trap. Here is why perseverance is vital to living the life you want.

Without Struggle, There is No Growth

People look at failure as a negative, or the inability to do something as a sign. This nagging feeling of weakness becomes a bad habit. Negativity seeps into your mental fabric, and insecurities begin to mount. Revise your opinion of failure, and treat it as an experience. Here is a wise saying regarding failure: “Either you win, or you learn.” No one will be good at everything they try, but trying to accomplish something will always make you better at it; this applies to every walk of life, from athletics to academics.

Fear is the Mind Killer

The above quote from the sci-fi setting Dune is wholly accurate in our reality. Fear can quickly create complacency, and that stifles our growth as individuals. There are reasonable things to have trepidation about; disabilities and injuries can prevent you from doing some things. But strive to put fear aside, and give new experiences your best effort.

Take failure as a learning experience, and you will not be afraid of it. Fear of failure can lead you down an uninspiring path according to the work of John Atkinson. Fear of embarrassment should be put into context. We all have moments of embarrassment, and moments of triumph. Do not take yourself too seriously, and that fear of embarrassing yourself will fade. You must have perseverance in reworking your opinion of fear.

Things Beyond Our Control

Even if you practice these behaviors, there will be times where life will challenge your plans. Circumstances beyond the control of an individual are the most difficult of all barriers. It is at these times where the challenge becomes almost too high to take on, and we begin to feel that sensation of helplessness. The situations do not have to be something natural like a disaster or an act of God. We do not control the motivations of other people, and these things manifest themselves as accidents or unhappy coincidence. The reality is that sometimes we are powerless to the powers that be, events beyond our ability to influence. Accepting this takes a weight off of the shoulders of an individual. Disregard envy and agony in the face of that which you cannot control. Embrace life in all of its splendor and its horror, and you will find yourself stronger when you are facing down things you cannot directly affect.

Goals & Plans

Create a plan in mind to achieve your goals; whether it be academic or career-oriented, is key to perseverance. You need to come up with an idea, or a few ideas, of where you want to be in the years ahead. Have a goal, and plan for that goal. But be flexible with those plans. A great deal of stress comes from the idea that these plans have to be rigid and strict. Maybe some parts are time-sensitive or specific, but not all. Be flexible with your plan, and always have a second and third option.

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