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The Importance of Giving

As we approach this Holiday season, we are reminded of those who are less fortunate than us. A sense of humility and thankfulness overtake our souls, causing us to examine our lives through the lens of others. We begin to think about giving to others so that during these times, they do not go without their needs. There is a joy associated with this giving, one that is often hard to explain and difficult to ignore. But this sense of giving is something that is deeply embedded in the hearts of those who know the Lord especially.

Consider the importance of giving. The Word of God teaches us that it is better to give than it is to receive (Acts 20:35). When we give, we openly show the love of Christ to others, the love that surpasses all human knowledge, that transcends all hatred. This love is the cornerstone of our faith, and our giving is an expression of our total reliance upon the One Who supplies all our needs.

It is a commandment for Believers to give according to the blessing with which the Lord has blessed us (Deuteronomy 16:17). This means that from the smallest to the greatest, the concept of giving knows no boundaries. As parents, we are able to teach this principle to our children, demonstrating for them that even they can give to others based on what they possess. As a mother, I strive earnestly to emulate this act of faith before my daughter. Not only do I present tithes and offerings to the Lord through our home church, but I also give food or money to strangers when I am able. I have learned that at times, I may be entertaining angels unaware (Hebrews 13:2). It is unknown to me the effects that my giving has on others; but it is known to my Heavenly Father, and it is He that I long to please (Matthew 25:34-40).

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