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The Heart of Worship

As Christians, worship is part of every aspect of our lives. In this article I would like to write a reflective monologue of one’s spiritual journey and realization about the truth of worship.


I recently met Christ as my Savior and King, and now I feel invincible. He is by my side and we are going to take on the world together. It is unbelievable how close I feel to this Infinite God; I’m so in love. In my heart, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is real. He is my King. Worshiping my Lord is such a joy, and I can’t get enough. Before meeting Christ I was a weary traveler parched for the Living Water. Now, when I drink from Everlasting Well though I am satisfied I long for even more of Him; He is my everything and nothing else matters.


As I grew in my faith of who God was, I felt the world seeping into my heart as it tried to replace God on His throne. Fear found a way into my thinking, and I found myself doubting. How did this walk become so hard suddenly? I felt a need for more of a family of believers to share my burdens, fears, and doubts. In worshiping with my brothers and sisters in Christ, I discovered that I was not alone. In corporate worship, I experienced God in a fresh way. I learned that He loves all of His children. He loves when we shout His praise in community. I felt a new closeness to God in declaring His power, goodness, and might with my spiritual family. His presence reigns in the hearts of those who love and worship Him.


Worship is not an end in itself. Worship is not meant to make me feel better, and it’s not meant to make us feel better. The point of worship is to magnify the King. He is far more deserving of all the praise we can muster in our feeble human frames, but He gratefully accepts our offerings. I used to think this walk was about Him, and me, but I have come to realize it is all about Him; just Him. He is the heart of worship, and I am captivated by His love; it is my honor to give Him the adoration He deserves.

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