Target’s New Brands Are Here & You Need to Check Them Out

If you haven’t heard the news, Target dropping their famous brands and adding 14 new ones; to name a few, Goodfellow & Co., A New Day, Project 62, and Joy Lab. Today, if you’re like any other zealous follower of all Target, you would have gotten the email that three of their brands are here! You can now take a peek at their home brand “Project 62“, woman’s brand “A New Day,” and their men’s brand “Goodfellow & Co.” Anyways, did you see the cover guy who I almost mistakenly confused for Kit Harrington “aka Jon Snow – King of the North”?

Here’s a look at the hottest items in the line (well, in my opinion).

Project 62

I love decorating my apartment. Target’s new home line that is “everyday modern living” may just replace all of your IKEA pieces. Every piece in this line is chic and effortless. From dinnerwear, bedding, accent chairs, shabby chic wooden dressers, bar wear, and accent decor you may want to block out a couple of hours when the line is available for purchase September 9th. Don’t worry they are still keeping their Threshold and Fieldcrest line.

A New Day

A New Day is Mossimo’s older sister who went to college and came back fabulous. This line, like the home line, is chic, grown up, and speaks sophisticated. There’s something for every occasion, size, and style preference. Whether you got a hot date, an important interview, or want to wow your co-workers with you great style, A New Day will suffice.

Goodfellow & Co.

I love men’s clothing. It’s comfortable, and for the most part super dapper. Men have it easy. The men’s line is for all the men who want to look good and don’t want to put much effort in or don’t know where to start. This line is sexy. It has options for a casual day out, business attire, colorful chinos, fresh kicks, and outerwear that will keep you looking sharp no matter what the occasion is or how the weather is.

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