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    Stop Waiting for Your Maybe Mr. Right

    As humans, we wait for many things and events to happen to us. When we are little we wait for our very first day of school, then we wait to get in high school, and then our graduation. Then, we grow older, and we wait for acceptance letters to colleges and universities, then waiting for college graduation, then waiting to get a job, and it’s just an endless cycle of waiting. For some of us, waiting is just tiring, and we want things for us to happen now. However, for many people, there is one thing that we are sure to wait for, and that’s “the right one.” Or how some people would say “Mr. Right”.

  • Faith

    What To Do in the Waiting

    We’ve all had to wait for something. Whether it be waiting for a bus, for a movie to start, or for dinner to be ready, waiting can be hard. We live in a world where instant gratification has become more common and easily accessible than ever. Post a picture on Instagram and within minutes we…

  • Faith

    When God Says No

    When we ask God for something, He usually has one of three answers. Yes, not yet, or no, I have something better in mind. This was a hard lesson for me growing up. Especially when it came to dating. I never really dated in high school. There were a few times I went to a…

  • Culture, Faith, Life

    Being Content In Your Season Of Waiting

    In every moment of our lives there is something yet to come; something that we are in essence waiting for. Whether it’s our next meal, or a relationship, or a movie we want to see, it’s in our nature to look towards what is next. But there are times when waiting consumes us so much…