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    The Best Grey’s Anatomy Quotes of All Time

    Who does not love Grey’s Anatomy? From bloody scrubs to the perfect onscreen couples, Shonda Rhimes never writes a dull moment into the show. Even more so, she writes the best quotes of all time! Whether it revolves love, friendship, or life, her characters’ lines are sure to make you think, “perfectly stated.”

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    Millennials & The Tiny House Revolution

    The term millennial boasts a great amount of popularity these days. Regardless of your preconceived notions regarding millennials, I can say one thing about my generation for sure: we know a lot about debt. Worrying about job security, mortgage payments, school loans, and insurance aren’t exactly new generational problems.

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    Top 5: Showtime Original Series

    Showtime may be considered by some to be the lesser-known, lower quality little brother of HBO. However, the network has bolstered a fantastic lineup of original series for the past two decades. This list is a recognition of my top five favorite original series from the network past and present.