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    Letting God Fill Your Emptiness

    Let’s face it, life is full of disappointments. Making us feel a sort of emptiness. From broken hearts to broken dreams to just things not going the way you planned. We have all faced the trials life came at us with. When these things happen, we try to cover ourselves up.

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    Opening Your Heart to God

    Opening your heart to God can be difficult. We live in a society that is constantly trying to persuade us to choose sin over God. Along with this, it can be scary to let go and just trust in God wholeheartedly. However, when you finally open your heart up to God, you will be more at peace than you can even imagine.

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    The Best Bible Verses from the New Testament 

    Compiling a list of the best scripture verses in the bible can be exceptionally challenging since each verse can touch someone differently. Plus, all bible verses are abundantly beautiful! Each one has a profound message that can speak to someone’s heart.

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    How to Stay Faithful in a Sinful World 

    As a Christian, I understand the difficulty of staying faithful in a sinful world. Everywhere you look, sin is there. Staying true to your faith and following in the direction of Jesus Christ can be hard. It is supposed to be challenging. We have to work to be followers of Jesus Christ.

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    Staying Faithful with God

    One of the most significant elements of being a Christian is staying faithful to God. We all have different trials and tribulations that come our way. Once they enter our lives, it is hard to trust God. We ask why it happened, and what’s the purpose of it.

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    The Legend of the Candy Cane

    The beloved and famous candy that we all sit and eat has a day of its own. Whether you like the classic peppermint flavor or other flavors that have graced this earth, it’s always hard to turn down a candy cane during the holidays. But, did you know how this Christmas candy came to be? The Christmas treat that is the reason for sticky fingers on children, stained mouth, and ornaments on your Christmas tree has a story behind it. 

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    The Women of Jesus’ Genealogy

    The book begins with a genealogy, something very important to the Hebrews; one’s forefathers was an integral part of one’s identity and rights in ancient Israel. In the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew, there is an interesting addition to Jesus’ ancestry: the names of five women.

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    Finding Strength Through God

    Life is filled with anguish, sorrow, and heartbreak. When we experience something that leads to those emotions, we can start to give up on happiness. However, no matter the situation, you can always find strength in God.

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    Why I Love Being a Christian

    Being a Christian is one of my favorite qualities. I love being a Christian! Because of my faith, I am aware of the never-ending love from the man upstairs. This awareness grants me so many blessings that benefit me in my daily life. For example, because of that never-ending love, I have developed self-love and…