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    Winter Workouts That You Will Actually Enjoy

    Due to the cold weather, it can be difficult to stick to your regular workout routine. The temptation of staying in and watching re-runs of Friends seems way more enjoyable. Not to mention opting for catching up on some much-needed sleep before work. Besides, many of us prefer our beauty sleep over early morning cardio any day.

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    New Year, New Leaf: 25 Healthy Habits for 2018

    We all have that list. The one we keep underneath piles of paper in the dusty bottom drawer, and we come across every so often when spring cleaning comes around. It is our collection of hopes, our dreams for ourselves, that seem within reach but fall back every year, a few inches here, a few inches there, in the midst of life, work, and everyday obligations. Pretty soon the items on the list become like midnight stars; remembered and admired but too distant to have any real involvement in our lives and the list, like the stars, is cast aside in time for the new day and bigger suns.

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    These Are The Many Ways Cardio Helps You De-Stress

    Are you coming across any stress, anxiety, or even depression in your life? Here are helpful ways that cardio helps you de-stress. Doing any physical activity, especially cardio can help relieve any stress that you may come across in life, home or even at your job. Not only exercise brings health benefits, to your body,…

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    Should Exercise & Fitness Matter to Christians When Vanity is Involved?

    Everywhere you go, there it is; the figure of a woman in a bikini bottom, that buxom brunette smiling on the cover, selling lipstick, posing as if to say life is not great unless you look like me. You walk out and there it is, plastered on billboards and on the TVs of a store you walk by, men and women that look like the ideal, with etched bodies, perfectly white teeth, and sun-kissed skin.


    How to Make 2018 Your Year To Shine

    The new year can be an exciting opportunity for many people who long for a fresh start. However, sometimes the stress that comes with attempting to keep resolutions and a positive mindset is enough to overwhelm us. However, we guarantee 2018 will be your year to shine.

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    The Benefits of Wine

    After a long day, kicking your shoes off and sitting back with a glass of wine is the perfect way to wind down. The best part about it is that you do not even have to feel guilty after drinking a glass or two.