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    Songs That Will Pull On Your Heartstrings

    Music is something everyone loves. Music brings out emotions that we do not even know we have. Sometimes they allow us to burst into song and dance. Some music allows us to want to feel whatever the singer is feeling in the songs. Music is used to express the feelings that are hard for us to express, which is definitely one of the reasons why music is so beautiful.

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    Live-Action Disney Films We’ll Be Watching

    We all know the beloved Disney movies we all watched when we were growing up. Whether it was a movie that was about princesses finding their prince. Or strangers becoming the best of friends, Disney has definitely been in your life at some point. In recent times, these Disney movies have been created into live-action films.

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    YouTube Channels That Are Worth Watching

    Youtube has become an enormous platform for entertainment. From funny cat videos to makeup tutorials, Youtube has countless videos that everyone can enjoy. However, let’s not forget the people behind these Youtube Videos. Youtubers, Lilly Singh, Jenna Marbles, and Ryan Higa who are practically household names on the site. A reign of new Youtubers has now come to the scene that definitely should be checked out.

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    This Is Us Quotes to Live By

    NBC’s hit television show This is Us follows the Pearson family and their life struggles. From weight loss to death to career changes, the series has a variety of storylines. The show consists of love, laughter, and sadness. One moment you will be laughing so hard your stomach hurts and the next tears will uncontrollably run down your face.

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    These Are the Best Poems From Poetry Books

    Roses are red, violets are blue. Do you know what’s new? Poetry books. In the past, authors John Green, Rainbow Rowell, and a bunch of other young authors were the ones to pull at our heartstrings with their novels. However, now there are poets coming from far and wide publishing their works into books.

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    Grammys Prediction

    The Grammys is a big night for music. As celebrities, musicians, and producers come together to receive music’s most prominent award. Sure there’s the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, but it all comes down to the Grammys. Who will win this year?

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    Why 2018 Is A Good Year For Music Lovers

    Deliberate Magazine brings the best in music this year. As if we needed another reason to be inspired by music. However, music lovers have a lot to look forward to in 2018. Between major artists collaborating, new world tours, and movies starring all of our favorites. 

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    2008 Movies That Are Still Worth Watching in 2018

    2018 is officially here! Which means news music, television show, and movies. Music coming from Justin Timberlake and Camila Cabello. New new television shows or new seasons. Movies like Avengers and Incredibles 2 is coming out, something everyone is waiting for. Though there are going to be a series of new projects coming out, we can’t forget the projects that came out in 2008. Especially the movies, just like music. Movies are just as timeless