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    Clean Eating Tips You Should Follow

    The holidays make it hard to follow a clean eating diet. Seasonal treats temp you down the road of regret. The foods you eat need to remain a priority. Sticking to healthy habits can prevent you from gaining excess weight, feeling sluggish, and getting sick. Eating clean is a good way to refresh your diet by…

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    How To Avoid Holiday Bloating

    Do you hate feeling like you gained 10 pounds after 1 meal? Bloating is most likely to blame. This is the time of year where we are constantly bombarded with indulgent foods, sugary drinks and home baked goods. Festive treats bring people together, but can also wreak havoc on your digestion. Bloating always related back…

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    Post Thanksgiving Detox

    We hope your Thanksgiving was full of food, fun, and no mention of a diet. It’s time to refresh after overloading on stuffing and pie. A detox will allow you to dial the number back on the scale and feel more like yourself again. It will reset your body back to a balanced middle ground before all…

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    Different Ways to Make Protein Pancakes

    Adding protein to pancakes turns a once guilty pleasure into a healthy and filling meal. The great news is that the possibilities with protein pancake recipes are endless! You can mix chocolate chips and cinnamon into the batter or top them with syrup or fruit. Protein pancakes are an easy way to feel full while…