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    Meet Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim

    Seventeen-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim won her first Olympic Gold Medal for Team USA on Tuesday. However, there’s a lot more to the professional snowboarder than what meets the eye. Between her social media influence to the training schedule, here are the top fun facts regarding the pro-athlete. She Is Defying Stereotypes Despite the 2018 Winter…

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    Why You Should Be in Love in a Time When it’s Unpopular

    How it is to be in love; magical isn’t it? The feeling of seeing the one you love smile. The joy of simply being with them. The ecstasy of knowing you love them and that they love you. It makes you wonder how someone could not want to be in love. In today’s time, it seems as though many people of the new generations do not favor love. Instead, they believe we should go around and play the market, breaking hearts left and right.

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    Songs That Will Pull On Your Heartstrings

    Music is something everyone loves. Music brings out emotions that we do not even know we have. Sometimes they allow us to burst into song and dance. Some music allows us to want to feel whatever the singer is feeling in the songs. Music is used to express the feelings that are hard for us to express, which is definitely one of the reasons why music is so beautiful.

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    Grammys Prediction

    The Grammys is a big night for music. As celebrities, musicians, and producers come together to receive music’s most prominent award. Sure there’s the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, but it all comes down to the Grammys. Who will win this year?

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    Why Chivalry Shouldn’t Die

    The word “chivalry” goes back to the Medieval Times. During these times chivalry was used as a code of honor to define men and knights. Defining them as to “what it means to be a man”. Having them follow religious, moral, and social code; almost like a gentlemen’s guidebook. It was also used to extend…

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    The War on Boys

    Is there a growing war on boys in this culture? Or is the current trend of cultural norms only shifting? Shifts do happen, and they are not a bad thing, but we need to ask ourselves the motives for that shift.

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    Devil’s Advocate

    There isn’t any doubt that in this country, and worldwide, sexual assault rates are high. Statistics say that women between the ages 16-19 are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted. College students between the ages of 18-24 are three times more likely to be assaulted.

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    Sitcoms That Will Never Die

    They make us laugh, cry, and they have you binge-watching every season. Sitcoms have been around for as long as we can remember. From, “I Love Lucy” to “Seinfeld” to “The Big Bang Theory,” sitcoms have been around forever. But with the number of sitcoms that have come out, some have had their time and some that are still alive.