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    Why You Should Try Irish Coffee

    Today is National Irish Coffee day and for those who don’t know what an Irish coffee is, its the ultimate hedonism in coffee. Hot dark rich coffee traditionally laced with Irish Whiskey, sweetened with scrummy brown sugar with a fat layer of heavy whipped cream floating on the top. What a way to start the day!

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    The Science Behind Cold Brew Coffee

    With summer approaching, you’ve probably heard the term “cold-brew coffee” a hundred times by now. But besides tasting remotely like iced coffee, you may not be aware of what cold-brew coffee is. It would be easy to dismiss it as a trending, more expensive version of iced coffee. Cold-brew, however, is an entirely different type of coffee, which is mostly due to its brewing process and resulting taste.

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    How to Get the Best Cup of Coffee

    There’s nothing quite like cupping a hot mug in your hands and taking that first sip of delicious coffee in the morning. Or, driving for hours on the interstate, starting to feel drowsy, and seeing the green siren of the Starbucks logo beckoning you to fuel up at the next exit. Or, meeting an old friend…

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    Craving Coffee

    I do it daily. I think about coffee every morning until I get a cup. I crave it. It’s warm and comforting, a mini escape from the cold reality of the office. I have this creamer that I LOVE that makes it – not too sweet – but just sweet enough for my taste. Sometimes…