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Why Supplements Are Necessary to Keep You From Getting Sick


There are several reasons no one likes or wants to suffer from sickness or disease. Among others, the primary reason is the inconvenience followed by the utter feeling of just not feeling healthy. Although most people in the American society accepts the infamous ‘cold and flu season’ as the inevitable, there is no such season, and everyone is just as prone to sickness at any time of the year. Therefore, in addition to a healthy diet, proper rest, and exercise, supplementation is vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Why Supplements Are Necessary

Opponents of supplementation argue that the foods we consume have all of the essential nutrients. Some others point to our ancestors and the fact they lived without supplements. Of course, their environment, and way of life were a stark contrast to how we live today. Depending on who you talk to, there is a host of reasons people and experts alike believe supplements are necessary. However, we can all agree that environmental factors are a good place to start. In fact, our modern environment is extremely different than our ancestors for some of the following reasons:

  • An increase in the level of chronic stress
  • A decline in soil quality and diversity, which decreases the nutrient density in foods
  • The higher demands on our attention, and deprived sleep
  • The increased use of birth control, antibiotics and other medications responsible for damaging the liver
  • We spend more time sitting

These factors are worse depending on other factors such as geographical location, the status of your health, genetics, and overall outlook on life. Good habits to boost and maintain a healthy immune system is key and the very foundation of good health. Along with getting enough sleep, which allows the body to rejuvenate naturally. Sleep is an efficient and useful way for your body to refuel and build up a strong defense against illnesses. Reducing the amount of stress you’re subjected to also helps the immune system because it controls the amount of cortisol the body produces. Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone, and too much of it can increase our risk of infections.

The Top 3 Supplements to Help You Stay Healthy

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Zinc

Vitamins contribute to regulate your metabolism, strengthen your immunity and enhance cell growth. Our bodies are highly efficient as repairing itself, providing a warning to suggest we should seek medical attention, or completely recovering from an unknown sickness. However, the strength of our body is only as good as the nutrients it receives on a continual basis. Therefore, it is much better to avoid getting sick, than to desperately try anything to get relief from those annoying symptoms which accompany the sickness. Yes, you can avoid getting sick! Even during the falsely acclaimed ‘cold and flu season.’

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