Summer in Silk

Wearing silk as a representation of this season’s transitional sleepwear to daywear trend has become more and more popular. Even though looking like you’re wearing your pajamas is cool for summer 16’, there are ways to incorporate silk into your wardrobe while not looking like you rolled out of bed. This is possible by pairing silk dresses, scarves, jackets, pants, and of course the classic robe with everyday attire such as jeans and basic t-shirts. If you’re looking forward to rocking this effortless runway to streetwear look, there are five must-have pieces you should be looking for.

Silk Slip Dress

The slip dress is intended to look and feel sexy while going to sleep. Why not incorporate that same concept into your everyday look? Wearing slip dresses over simple round neck tops has become the most common way to wear this style while not showing too much skin. These dresses are also known to come in longer lengths if you’re looking to add a bit of modesty to this daring item of clothing.

Silk Scarf

A 2015 favorite, wearing bandanas different ways has transcended into this summer’s go-to for that biker-chic look. You can rock them the classic way by wearing them around the neck or you can make them stand out by wearing them around the wrist, ankle, waist, and even to another accessory like a clutch or purse.

Silk Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have made a huge comeback, especially in the form of silk to emphasize the contrast between casual vs. luxury appeal. Coming in reversible, embroidered, colored, patched and personalized, silk bomber jackets are the perfect staple piece when wanting to stand out and look tasteful, especially during the night scene. That signature sleek portrayal of silk will turn heads, even in the dark.

Silk Trousers

It’s rare that we get to see silk trousers on the streets, but this summer wearing free-flowing silky smooth pants has never made more sense. For people who prefer a more masculine bottom, silk pants add a unique texture to any outfit.

Silk Robe

Of course, the classic silk robe has made to biggest transition from night to day as they are being worn with matching pants as a complete outfit or as a statement piece coming in dramatic lengths. The subtle incorporation of lace with a silk robe is a great way to add a bit of romance to your “I woke up like this” look.

Being one of the many trends for summer 16’, silk is the textile to look out for when shopping on your day off. Transitional wear is continuing to make a comeback as they are easy, versatile, and essential to anyone’s wardrobe. Spend your summer in silk. Let us know what your favorite silk item is below!


Featured Image: Daisy Sullivant