Successfully Planning a Friendsgiving

This year you may find yourself without plans for Thanksgiving.  You may have people you want to celebrate with, though they won’t be at your family gathering.  Either way, you should consider hosting a Friendsgiving feast.  Gather your closest friends and be thankful for each other, while creating a lasting tradition that will bring your circle of friends closer together.  Never fear if you haven’t hosted a holiday meal before.  With these easy steps, you can pull together an event your friends will look forward to year after year.


If you have ever hosted Thanksgiving before or have helped at your family’s celebration, you know that meals like this don’t just happen.  They take careful planning and lots of help to go smoothly, and this is Friendsgiving after all.  Ask your friends for help planning and executing the party.  Choose someone to handle the menu and dietary restrictions, someone to handle decorations, and someone to make a playlist for the festivities.  Form a Friendsgiving committee, and take some of the burden off yourself.

Pick A Date

Be aware that it may not be possible to host your Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving Day, unless you have a large group of “holiday orphan” friends.  Choose a time before or after Thanksgiving that will work best for everyone.  Don’t make yourself too crazy finding a date that everyone can make, do the best you can, but set the date in stone as soon as possible.

Choose A Venue

You may want to host your Friendsgiving at your home, but consider your prospective guest list.  Do you have enough room to accommodate everyone, or do you live in a two-room apartment?  Try to choose a venue where everyone will have room to sit, eat and play games.  If one of your friends lives in a house or apartment with several other people, ask to hold the party there.  They will generally have enough space to accommodate a larger group of people.


Select your guest list with your Friendsgiving committee, and send out invites.  Send and evite, an invite on social media, a mass text or something in the mail, it doesn’t matter.  Don’t forget to set a RSVP date and include your contact info.

Plan A Menu

Friendsgivings need not stick to tradition, and you don’t have to make everything yourself.  This kind of gathering screams potluck.  Have each of your guests bring their favorite dish along with heating instructions to make your meal a breeze.  You can also break away from turkey and make your Friendsgiving an exotic feast.  Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican or free for all, it’s up to you!

Make It More Than A Meal

Plan fun activities to do during the festivities.  Set up board or card games, trivia or whatever you and your friends enjoy.  Make sure you have interesting planned to keep your guests engaged.


Make a list of everything you need to buy for your feast and hit the stores, and don’t forget the ice!

Set Up

Spend the day before your Friendsgiving setting up and preparing any dishes that can be made in advance.  Set the table the night before, and put out items that won’t go bad overnight.  If you are cooking a turkey, put it in the oven early the next morning to ensure its done by mealtime.  Make sure you have plenty of help so you don’t stress out.

Party Time

As your guests start to arrive, take their offerings and offer them a drink.  If you have planned well and enlisted plenty of help, you should have time to hang out with friends in between orchestrating the perfect day.  Once the meal is prepared, sit back, relax and enjoy the company of friends.  You never know, Friendsgiving could be a tradition your friends look forward to for years to come.

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