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Strengthening Your Faith

Would you like to strengthen your faith? The process takes time and patience so that you will become more like Lord Jesus, rather than the doubting Thomas. Strengthening your faith is not as hard as it seems.


What sort of habits do you have? Do you read Scripture regularly? If you read about 3-5 chapters a day you can finish the Bible in about a year. Imagine the boldness and compassion you could glean from the Word of God. Make sure that you nurture good habits like reading the Bible and praying daily. This will put you into a state of mind of always remembering your Father in the heavens. A habit only takes about two weeks to put into place so if you start today, you’ll be where you need to be in no time.


What are you exposed to? Certain groups of people, television, and other media can be anti-Christian and cause you to stumble away from your faith. If you are looking to follow the commandments of God which are not burdensome (1 John 5:3) it would be a good idea to examine what in your life takes away from your faith and correct it. Following God’s principles and commands will help you strengthen your faith and adhere to Biblical standards. God blesses those who keep His commandments. (Revelation 22:14). Think of it this way, when you associate yourself with worldly pursuits can you do so remembering the Lord without pain of conscience? If not, then you have your answer on what is good for you. Remember always:

“Bad Association spoils useful habits” 1 Cor. 15: 33

Strength Comes from the Lord

We are human, frail, and imperfect because of original sin. God knows we are dust, and is merciful to us when we sincerely make efforts to draw close to him in faith. God gives you everything you need for strengthening your faith in His Word, so make it a part of your daily life to follow His ways.

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